Boost Your Memory by Playing 3D Games


If you think 3D video games do not do any good to you, think again. According to a new study, it has been discovered that when players play 3D video games, their memory improves. Hence, even elderly people can play these games to maintain their cognitive functioning as they suffer from cognitive decline as they age. A study done by researchers from the UCI (University of California-Irvine suggests that video games can assist people suffering from dementia or memory loss.

3D video games improve memory performance

A study done on non-gamer college students proved that when they played 3D games for two weeks enjoyed memory performance by nearly 12 per cent compared to those students who played the 2-dimensional games. People who belong to the age group of forty-five to seventy years suffer from lessened memory performance by nearly 12 per cent. And in this condition, if they play 3D video games, they can maintain their cognitive functioning. However, in this context, it is also important to make a smart choice and choose only the real sites, such as fun888.

 3D games might enhance neuronal growth 

3D games comprise more longitudinal information in comparison to 2D. Hence, when players play 3D games, they get a golden opportunity to explore more. Another important thing is that 3D games seem to be comparatively more complex. And this gives players more chances to learn a lot of new things. Video games also activate different kinds of cognitive processes that include spatial, visual, motivational, attentional, and emotional. These games also improve a person’s problem-solving skills, working memory, and critical thinking.

 Augment your cognitive skills by playing video games

When players play video games, they find an improvement in their cognitive skills. Most often, they get benefitted in various ways no matter whether or not they want to augment their cognitive skills. Hence, if you are one of those players who want to keep on playing, it is fine.

A lot of 3D games assist people in getting various kinds of cognitive skills. Hence, players should not hope that only one game will assist them in improving their skills.

However, if you wish to make the most of the cognitive benefits that you get from playing 3D games, you need to make shifts between different kinds of games. This way, you will find yourself to be possessing different capabilities. The most important thing is players ought to concentrate on games that would assist them in augmenting their skills in certain ways that would change into some real-world jobs they are required to perform in their regular lives.


If you observe carefully, you will find 3D games to be beneficial in more ways than one. The best thing about 3D games is these games are developed in various kinds like racing, puzzle, adventure, etc. Hence, it does not only seem tough but impossible for players to keep themselves restricted and not play these games. However, in the process, they must not forget to rely on only the best sites, such as fun88, for playing.

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